What To Text A Man At Night

Are things progressing quickly between you and a guy? Is your guy seriously falling for you and is the passion becoming more intense?

Then now is not the time to sit back, throw your feet up and chill. Now is the time to ESCALATE the romance and literally melt him! The goal should be to come up with texts that are not too cutesy, but just sweet enough to make his heart tingle. Let’s discuss 10 good night texts that are sure to leave him under your love spell.

1. “I don’t know what this is between us…but I don’t want it to stop.”

Great line for early courtship that’s escalating fast. Neither of you have committed to anything but you both are constantly thinking about the sexual tension. You both wonder if there might be romance in your future. You don’t jump ahead of him by saying, “I love you!” But you get the ball rolling by saying what you’re both thinking…whatever this is, we need to explore it. We need to date and see where this strong attraction goes. A magical text that will definitely get an enthusiastic reply!

2. “I love texting you goodnight… but I really prefer whispering it in your ear.”

Great text for increasing the desire for physical intimacy. You remind your boyfriend of the distance between you, as well as the longing to feel each other with all five senses. At the same, you’re not actually fast-forwarding to marriage or living together. You’re just focusing on how good it feels to be intimate.

3. “I wish I could use your chest as a pillow.”

Wonderful text, especially after you both want each other, but before sex happens. Remind your crush / boyfriend in a somewhat innocent way, that physical connection would feel amazing. Not just the sex, which is implied, but the warm and inviting afterglow.

4. “I’m sleepy… but I don’t want to stop chatting with you.”

A woman falling asleep in a man’s “virtual arms” is an underrated aphrodisiac for a man. Usually, a woman leaves after sex or after a good date. But this one flatters his ego, reminding him that he’s just so interesting, she doesn’t want to stop the conversation. She wants to keep talking…and if only they were together, she would talk until she falls asleep in his arms.

5. “I usually sleep naked… though sometimes I buy a new nightgown just for you.”

Tease him sexually, because teasing is what he wants the most. Appeal to his visual side by painting him a pretty picture of how you sleep—and how you would look cuddled up next to him. Men are visual creatures and so of all the five senses, they will appreciate strong and erotic images the most.

6. “If you were here with me right now… I wouldn’t let you sleep.”

Excellent line, especially before sex. Tease him by bragging about your sexual desire for him. Give him a kinky threat, suggesting that he will have to please you as much and as often as you want—which of course, he’s just dying to do.

7. “Sometimes I get uneasy at night… but the idea of you calms me.”

This text accomplishes two things: it gives him a problem to solve, which of course men love, while also revealing to him that his voice, his words through text, and just his attention on you helps keep you feel calm and relaxed. Some men really enjoy the feeling of texting their girlfriends to sleep, knowing that there’s so much comfort and familiarity there.

8. “See you in my / your dreams.”

The idea of meeting each other in dreams is understandably exciting, since dreams are subconscious manifestations of what’s going on inside our heads. Knowing that the both of you are so in love that you start appearing in each other’s dreams, is a reminder of how fast the relationship is moving. You can spend this one anyway that feels comfortable. For example, “I’m going to dream of you tonight” (an expression of love) or “ Will you dream of me? What will we be doing?” (a hint of sex), or “See you in your dreams tonight…you better be good!” (A teasing reply, fitting for a man who is competitive and flirty).

9. “Spending last night with you was perfect. I had a great time.”

Very effective text, emphasizing positive feelings over the experiences you’ve already had. You remind him that he did everything right and that you feel as excited as he does about the connection you have. But you notice, at the same time, you’re not talking about the future. This is a great line for new couples who aren’t ready to commit but definitely want to feel greater intimacy.

10. “Want to hear a confession? You’re the first thing on my mind every morning and the last thing on my mind at night.”

Now don’t you dare use this line before he says I love you! Because this line is mush heaven, or the gooey cutesy equivalent of a Street Fighter finishing move. But once a man admits he is in love with you, he is also starting to wonder if you love him as much as he loves you. Here’s a great text to reassure him you’re thinking of him all the time. You can’t stop thinking about him, because the intense love you both feel is growing. A man in love wants to believe you’re thinking about him constantly, as much as he’s thinking about you. This should be treated as a REWARD, a reply to when he says something equally extreme, like “I love you” or “I think about you all the time!”

Remember, mirror his energy. Reflect back the efforts and the feelings he sends you.

Use these texts and you can naturally escalate the tension and love between you until it climaxes with an awesome proposal!

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