Text Messages You Should Send To Get His Attention

Do you have a crush on a guy or are you currently dating someone? Maybe you’re already in a serious, committed relationship.

Regardless, if you want to grab his attention via texts, you’ll want to know what types of texts to send. Read on to find out what texts to send to grab his attention.


Yes, quotes can grab his attention, and it doesn’t really matter what kind of quote you send him. For example, if you think your guy has had a bit of a rough week or acting a bit different, then send a motivational quote to him. This will perk him up right away and he’ll be grateful that you thought about him.

Other quotes work well too, such as flirty quotes. Funny quotes will get them laughing too. The bottom line is he will be happy to receive a text featuring a quote from you.

Flirty Messages

If you want to be messaged back right away, then no other text message works better than a flirty one. You can bet he will drop what he is doing and message you right away, and that you’ll be on his mind the rest of the day. It doesn’t matter if the message is very mild or extremely edgy, they will love receiving a flirty message from you.

Flirty messages work well because they grab men’s attention fast. This works great if you have a crush and want them to know you like them. It works well in other situations too, such as if you’re married or dating someone.

Funny Text Messages

Besides funny quotes, you can send other types of funny texts. Whether it’s a joke you’ve thought of on your own or it’s something you’ve read or seen on television, you can bet he will get a good laugh. If you want to grab his attention and take things a step further, you can send dirty jokes or inappropriate jokes when you know he is in the middle of doing something important.

Anytime is a good time to send funny texts. Plus, he will likely try to reply with his own jokes, and this will keep going back and forth. If that’s the type of reaction you want, then definitely send him a funny text message or two.

Urgency Texts

Finally, texts with a sense of urgency work very well at getting men’s attention. Never lie and act like you have some sort of emergency or anything like that. Instead, sending texts like “I need you now,” followed by a short flirty message will do just fine. Messages with a sense of urgency will definitely grab his attention, but the best time to send them is when you know he’s not really doing anything super important.

Just about any quote will grab his attention, and flirty messages will definitely have them dropping whatever it is they are doing. Funny texts and texts with a sense of urgency works very well too. All you have to do now is decide which type of text to send him, and then send it.

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