How To Create Insane Chemistry With Any Man

Ever wonder why some women seem irresistible to men?

Are they really that much more beautiful than everyone else?

The truth is that their appeal has nothing to do with their looks…It’s all about their behavior. They’ve figured out how to create powerful chemistry with any man they choose… and you can do it too.

Create Insane Chemistry With Any Man By Using The Five Senses

It’s this instant, unspoken connection that draws men and women together like a magnet. And creating that chemistry is all about harnessing the power of the five senses.

A lot of people think that you can’t create chemistry if you don’t have it. This is due to the mistaken idea that chemistry is about how you look and the words you say. 

Real chemistry happens at a deeper, animal level and its triggered by the five senses.

So while looks do play a part, but they’re only one part of one of one fifth of the overall equation. Let me take you through each of the senses one by one and I’ll show you how to use this information to create chemistry with any man.


Sound is a key ingredient when you’re trying to establish chemistry and connection with a man because it’s so difficult to ignore. Think about it: you can shut your eyes but not your ears. Here are a few ways that this comes into play. First, I want you to use an old trick that’s favored by politicians, salesmen, and anyone dealing with the public: saying his name.

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You’ll want to learn his name and use it at every opportunity. Since we live in such an interconnected world, we often speak to people whose names we never learn.

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That’s why people rarely use the name of the person they’re talking to anymore. So when you do it sends a very strong subconscious signal to him that you two are connected and meant to be together.

This sort of camaraderie can easily become a point of connection for the two of you and that will create powerful chemistry.

If that isn’t enough, another way to use sound is to create chemistry through laughter. Whether it’s his or yours, laughter really does light up a room.

Laughter is like a chain reaction in that it feeds on itself to create more and more. So laugh at his jokes and crack a few of your own and see how it brings the two of you closer together.


Touch goes hand in hand with flirting because it’s very intimate. As we learn more about consent and personal space, touch has become rare in our society and this makes it even more powerful.

Use this information to your advantage to leave a lasting impression on him in every interaction.

Whether it’s a hug or a gentle touch on the arm, simply find a reason to make physical contact. Men love touch more than they’d care to admit. I suspect this is why so many men play fight with their friends, but you didn’t hear it from me.

Just be aware of his personal space and comfort level. An unwanted touch or hug can completely destroy your chances with a guy.


Men are visual creatures. If you want him to want you, he needs to like the way you look. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: this has more to do with your confidence than it does with his particular preferences or “type”.

What I’m saying is the most attractive women have figured out how to accept and even love the things about themselves that others might see as flaws.

There is no true objective beauty standard.

All you have to do is look at celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Twenty years ago her body would have been considered far from the physical ideal but now its the very same reason that she’s a sex symbol.

The truth is that personal preferences and fashion trends change. Confidence cuts through all that like a hot knife through butter.

But what about the times when you feel like a mess? I’m not going to lie to you, self-acceptance is a life-long process that won’t happen over night. That’s why you always need to make an effort to work with what you have.

Make sure your hair, makeup, and clothing are on point and do your best to exercise and eat right. My best advice if you want to feel better about how you look is to always aim higher.

Whether it’s trying a new outfit or a new exercise routine, regular change and improvement is the key to feeling and looking better. In essence you’re creating chemistry with yourself to create chemistry with him.

There’s another powerful way to use sight to create chemistry is eye contact. Eye contact has been a tool of seduction going back millions of years. It’s a subtle signal of interest and confidence that you can use right now. So instead of looking away bashfully, lock eyes with him and you’ll feel that electricity that you’ve been looking for.


Smell is one of the most powerful senses as far as our brains are concerned. If you don’t believe me, try stepping into a bowling alley and tell me those memories don’t come flooding back. So how can you harness this information to create chemistry?

Obviously maintaining basic hygiene and cleanliness is a must but you need to go a step further if you want to create intense chemistry. I always advise women to have their own signature scent.

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It doesn’t need to be a 500 dollar bottle of Tom Ford…in fact, it doesn’t even need to be perfume.

It can be a particular hair product, laundry detergent, or whatever. I have a cousin that wears a little locket with tea in it around her neck and she swears by it. Whatever you choose, it needs to be unique to you. And don’t overdo it. Less is more when it comes to smell. A little dab will do ya.


First off, I know what you’re thinking, but please do not lick your man. The way we use taste to our advantage here is to share a taste together. One of the best ways to create chemistry is through a process called mirroring.

Mirroring is about matching his emotional, mental, or physical state of another person in order to get close to them and understand them better. This is why coffee dates are so popular. The two of you are experiencing the same taste and getting the same stimulant effect from a cup of coffee.

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This shared experience bonds you and creates chemistry. There are many ways to get this shared experience whether it means sharing a snack with him, ordering the same drink at a bar, or kissing over a spaghetti like lady and the tramp.

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